Dog Boarding Info

The Ultimate Luxury in Pet Lodging

When your dog means the world to you, you would always want a world of benefits for your canine companion. Dog boarding and training is the ultimate luxury of the decade in pet care. Judging by the innumerable dog boarding reviews on dog boarding kennels across the country, there is no reason why dog owners should not entrust their adorable pets to the care of these reputable professionals.

Dog boarding kennels are secure, pet-friendly environments that are well-equipped to welcome all breeds of dogs and, like most dog boarding and training establishments, offer year-round, tailor-made services that suit the personality trait, food choices and medical issues of each canine member. Pets are fed, groomed, trained and pampered to the point of luxury by friendly pet lovers who do not mind spending the better part of their lives in the midst of four-legged creatures, as confirmed through dog boarding reviews.

In addition to dog boarding and training, these dog boarding kennels ensure that each pet gets adequate exercise and more than enough leg stretches in the sun during their stay at the kennels. Boarding also includes lazing around watching the butterflies or racing around with another dog or two across the grassy exercise ground. Each pet will have an exclusive snooze couch for "dog-dreaming", made extra cozy with the best canine sleep accessories available in the market.

Gone are the days of dog boarding and training centers that showcased a concrete floor, stacked crates, block walls and a chain link fence made more demanding by a trainer with an unfriendly grimace. In a modern dog boarding kennels you can let your expectations rise above a non-kennel environment with glass-front doors, textured walls, soothing music, loving staff and plenty of play time.

Dog boarding reviews suggest that you look for kennels that offer park-like surroundings, glazed windows, stable doors, high walls for safety and security, heater facilities in winter and comfortable couches. Most important of all is ensuring that the kennel environment suits the emotional disposition of your pet. Crate-trained dogs who enjoy a simple lifestyle with their dog owners will not appreciate a luxury dog suite in the company of strange canines and even stranger-looking trainers. In fact, going through the entire gamut of dog boarding reviews will help you select which luxury is best for your pet pal.

The best dog boarding kennels, according to dog boarding reviews are the ones that include private one-on-one training by qualified dog trainers as part of the boarding facilities. Pet training provided at such dog boarding and training centers include basic agility training, supervised play sessions and socializing among many others. By the time you return from your trip, your pet dog will have learned a few neat tricks to impress you with for the rest of your canine days together.