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  • "Ever since i began using Dogboarding.com, I've been amazed at how much time and effort I've saved. It used to be such a hassle to find either a person to take of Betty, my Boxer, or a facility to put her in. I've been using the same place for the past 6 months, and it's been a stress-free experience. Drop her off, pick her up. It's a piece of cake!"

    — Paul Sanders -- Wichita, Kansas

  • "The last time I left my Golden Labrador, Sammy, at home with a dog-sitter, it was a disaster! I bode to never make that mistake again. I was pleasantly surprised to find Dogboarding.com, a website dedicated to finding you a welcoming and cheerful home for your pet when you go away. Within minutes i found a facility close by that was perfect for Sammy. Thanks Dogboarding.com!"

    — Doug Lewis -- Portland, Oregon

  • "Before I found Dogboarding.com, I had no idea that the concept of "Dog Hotels" even existed. Being on the road a better part of the year, I depended heavily on friends and family to take care of my Buster. Now I have access to a vast network of Dog boarding facilities, and even some that have grooming and styling included! It's doggie heaven for Buster, and i can go away with a clear conscience. What a relief!"

    — Steven Leach -- Lewiston, Maine

  • "What can I say; this website changed my life! All i ever wanted was a safe, peaceful environment for my little Louie when I wasn't around, and now, thanks to this service, my prayers have been answered! In a nutshell, Dogboarding.com will point you and your dog in the right direction. Whatever your pet's breed or temperament, a perfect daycare facility is within reach... Just ask Louie!"

    — Leo Jones -- Des Moines, Iowa

  • "What I love the most about Dogboarding.com is that its vast directory allows you to find the perfect dog daycare for your beloved pet. Depending on your budget, they have everything from simple and inexpensive to fancy and luxurious. It really is a one-stop doggie daycare shopping experience!"

    — Philip Stevens -- Park Ridge, New Jersey

  • "I am a relatively new business and I've been working on getting my website to rank higher in the search engines. Haven't been all that successful however by adding my listing to Dogboarding.com, I see that my dogboarding.com listing now shows up on one of the first few pages for my targeted kw\s (I think). I'm happy to be able to get my bus. name in there one way or another. Thanks!"

    — Denise -- Granada Hills, California

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