The Hydrant Regency LLC

The Hydrant Regency LLC

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The Hydrant Regency, Inc is a home based professional doggie daycare, and dog boarding facility. The Hydrant Regency has been offering its professional pet care services to the North Shore, Ma for the past 29 years. Located in Rowley, Ma perched on a secluded scenic hilltop, We are proud to offer you peace of mind with a proven track record of safety and security with thousands of family pets. We are very proud to offer your family pet the very best in entertainment and personal care. Whether your looking for long term dog boarding care, or short term dog boarding care we will be sure to help you with either. Our " Live while recording webcams" add additional peace of mind for your viewing pleasure.We are happy to provide you with professional dog boarding or doggie daycare.The Hydrant Regency provides 24 hour Owner Occupied dog care.

Business Hours

Monday thru Friday 7AM to 6PM
Saturday CLOSED
Sunday 8AM to 6PM

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