The Polished Pet

The Polished Pet

  • 3850 S US Highway 101, Santa Maria, California
  • Phone: (805) 937-5877
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Dawn G. says:
2013-09-05 10:35:44

I would trust no other with my babies. Benita and staff are amazing caring people. The facility is clean and amazing. Yes, barking dogs are there Nick, but Hello you are at an extended facility. In fact, we are moving and my boys are going there today to be safe and cared for!!! thanks Auntie B

Davida Willis says:
2012-09-04 20:24:56

The people at The Polished Pet are wonderful and caring. All the doggies there are wagging their tails--they are happy! I've taken my 3 dogs every 6 weeks for bathing and grooming for well over 3 years now and they jump right out of the car to run inside when we arrive. Polished Pet does a great pet rescue too!

Sheila says:
2012-01-19 19:36:09

I don't know what the hell Mr. Nick is talking about... These have got to be the most loving animal caregivers I know. I have been taking my dogs to them for over the last 30 years and have never had a problem- every dog that I have had are so excited when I drive up that they jump right out the car... I would never hesitate in taking my animals there.

Nick Johnson says:
2012-01-16 22:51:04

Dirty, disorganized, smelly, and loud are just a few words to describe this “business.” Animals are everywhere and the noise from barking dogs is deafening. The rooms of this converted house smell like that of an animal hoarder. Nothing is labeled, so items are lost when animals are brought in. The billing and customer file system consists of manila folders piled on a disorganized ... view full comment

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