The Happy Hound Hotel

The Happy Hound Hotel

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Dog boarding and daycare in my home,
This is boarding at its best - with all of the love and attention of being in my home and none of the noise and impersonal care that can come from other boarding facilities. Leanne (Ann) Stuckey, owner, has 20 years experience in boarding and as a veterinary technician. Please, try us and see just how happy your baby can be!

Business Hours

Monday, Wednesday - Saturday:
8am to 6pm
Closed Tuesday
Sunday open 6pm-8pm only.
Available 24 hours for emergency travel.

Comments for The Happy Hound Hotel

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Terri Blazier says:
2011-07-02 22:52:51

Ann & Tammy both have a heart of gold!! We love ya!! love Terri & James

Pam and Jerry Holmes says:
2011-03-05 12:28:42

Ann and Tammy have been keeping our dogs for at least 12 years; our babies think of their house as a second home. With Ann's experience as a vet assistant she is always alert to any problem a pup might have. Dogs love her immediately and will do what she tells them to out of love, not discipline or fear. She and Tammy are as perfect a substitute for home as can be found. Try them out. They are... view full comment

Melinda Byrd says:
2011-01-27 03:39:25

I never worry about my babies. They did not even laugh at me when I called and wanted to talk to Bella. They just held the phone up to her ear and that made me feel better.

Claire Carpenter says:
2011-01-17 13:50:08

The HHH is the best place ever!!! I trust noone but the best with my kiddos !!! Ann and Tammy are truely angels sent here to care for animals of all shapes and sizes. My hats off to u two !!! Yall are amazing and I'll Love yall forever for all yall have done for Me and My Gang !!!

Cherryl Rose says:
2010-12-15 10:21:46

This is the best dog sitting service ever. Ann and Tammy love the animals. They even call to tell you when you leave something that belongs to your pet. Oreo loves to go there. He practilly jumps into thier arms. Some times I wonder who he loves the best, them or us. They have even called me, when we have to be gone for several days, to let me know how he is doing. I would never take him an... view full comment

carolyn johnson says:
2010-12-10 10:29:23

I highly recommend HHH . I can leave my little Maya without the stress of worrying about her care.and safety. I also like knowing that Ann understands any health issues Maya might have. Thank you Ann .

carolyn johnson says:
2010-12-10 10:04:24

I highly recommend HHH .I leave my little Maya without the stress of worrying about her care. I also like knowing that Ann understands any health issues that she might have. Thank you Ann for taking such good care of my baby. Just to add , Maya love's Ann she starts wagging her tail when I get out of my car.

Frank Blazier says:
2010-12-07 20:46:16

You guys are the best. I do not know what we would have done with spider had it not been for Tammy and Ann. The care and patience was awesome. Thanks for being there.

KRushing says:
2010-12-07 12:59:04

Ann & Tammy love your pets like their own. I have trusted them with my pets and they have gone above and beyond to take care of them. A wonderful home environment.

DDavidson says:
2010-11-30 12:09:48

These gals are the BEST~ I had two elderly dogs that required special attention and ANY TIME I had to leave town, I KNEW my "kids" were well taken care of! Thinking they liked being there more than home!! Good luck guys!! LOVE Y'ALL!

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