The Playful Pup of Southern Maryland

The Playful Pup of Southern Maryland

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Dog Day Care - Boarding - Grooming - Training
We provide an innovative, exciting and fun alternative to leaving your four-legged friend alone at home. Your dog can run, play, wrestle, chase, play hide and seek, snuggle up with a buddy, get lavished with attention or simply hang out with friends in our indoor playground — all while under the close supervision of our trained and experienced pet loving staff whose primary goals are safety and fun. Your pet will enjoy other dogs of comparable age and size that have similar social and activity levels.
How is The Playful Pup Better?
The Playful Pup’s 6,000 sq foot, secure indoor/outdoor facility offers real room to run, so your dog isn't cooped up all day.
Compare 12 hours of daycare activity to a 30-minute walk on a leash. Compare our constant Day Care Associate attention, activity and love to the isolation and inactivity of kennels or brief visits from a pet-sitter.
The Playful Pup was Charles County’s first doggy daycare. We have space to play indoors and out. There's nothing or no one else like us.
The Playful Pup is located directly off Highway 301 on Theodore Green Blvd., in the White Plains Commerce Center, South of Waldorf and North of La Plata. Best of all, there's always room to pull up out front on busy mornings - we'll greet you right at the curb!

Unlike some facilities that whisk your dog to a back room somewhere, The Playful Pup’s play-yards are in clear view through observation windows where you can see the staff and the pack engaged in play.
The Playful Pup meticulously screens dogs to make sure they'll fit in with our Pack, personally evaluating every one for temperament, health, and medical requirements. The Playful Pup isn't for just any dog.
After receiving your Day Care Enrollment Forms you will be required to fill them out completely and return them to us via fax, e-mail or in person, we will also require proof of all of our required vaccinations which can usually be faxed to us directly from your veterinarian.
We do require Rabies, Distemper/Parvovirus and a 6 month intranasal Bordetella, the vaccination schedule will not be waived for anyone regardless of circumstance and is a very strict requirement of The Playful Pup.
Once verification is received from your veterinarian that our vaccination requirements are met, we invite you to schedule a day to bring your dog for evaluation. The Evaluation Day gives us a chance to get to know your dog and helps your dog feel more comfortable with us, there is no charge for this day.
We're mature, loving professionals, invested in the business with the highest possible standards. We have 24/7 staff at The Playful Pup. Most of our employees know our clients' dogs like their own. This isn't just a job to us.
So...give your dog a RUN for the money!

Don't banish your dog to a lonely kennel. Forget home-alone anxiety from brief pet-sitter visits. Ditch indoor-only boarding confines. Instead, let your dog be our guest at The Playful Pup when you travel!
They'll romp with the Pack all day. They'll eat and bed down among their pals in their own large, comfortable rooms with a cushy bed and their own toys. Our staff are there at night to make sure they're safe and sound asleep, after a midnight snack and some late-night play-or-cuddle time. The Pack gets bathroom breaks outside, too, just like they're trained to do at home.

The Playful Pup Bed-and-Breakfast Difference:
• Less stress for your dog (and for you!) while you're away
• No isolation and loneliness
• Unlimited human and canine love and attention--plus at least 12 hours of activity, every day
• No extra feeding/medicine/administration costs, unless we have to provide food ($5.00/Daily). We recommend that all boarders - or lunch-list dogs - bring their own vittles. Constant affection is always free!
• Down time in a private den allows for important rest breaks and drama-free mealtimes, and ensures a safer pack dynamic
• Having staff on schedule 24/7 limits down time and maintains presence, even when we're closed
Hours and days:
Monday to Friday - 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday - 9:00 am to 5:00pm
Sunday - 12:00 pm to 5:00pm
Costs: Effective April 1st, 2011 our boarding rate is $38.00 per calendar day; both days of check-in and check-out are chargeable days regardless of time of check-in or check-out.
The Playful Pup is pleased to offer discounts for multi-dog families, extended stays over 30 days and we also offer a discount to all local, state and federal government employees and our military.
We have no surcharge for holiday boarding at The Playful Pup, and there is no major holiday minimum requirement.
We are closed for office business as well as check-ins, check-outs, or day care on Christmas day, Thanksgiving day, and New Years Day. We will have staff on-site celebrating at The Playful Pup with the pack! We also may have holiday hours on major holidays (such as Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day; inquire for details.)
Let your dog be our guest. We take care of the rest!

Don’t forget the bath!
Dogs get dirty. It's a fact of life. After several days of running, wrestling and having a ball at The Playful Pup a nice bath is a good thing! Give your pup a wash, condition, rinse and dry… so you BOTH go home happy. Cost: $25, $35, or $45, based on breed and/or size.
We provide an innovative, exciting and fun alternative to leaving your four-legged friend alone at home. Your dog can run, play, wrestle, chase, play hide and seek, snuggle up with a buddy, get lavished with attention or simply hang out with friends in our indoor playground all while under the close supervision of our trained and experienced pet loving staff whose primary goals are safety and fun. Your pet will enjoy other dogs of comparable age and size that have similar social and activity levels.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 6am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday Noon - 5pm
Staff on Site 24/7

Comments for The Playful Pup of Southern Maryland

Have you used The Playful Pup of Southern Maryland before and want to share your expericence? Add a comment!

Dushon sterling says:
2015-12-26 23:28:12

Had my dog here 3 times last being over Christmas holiday, when I picked my dog up he was soaked in urine like he been lying in it for the three days he was there. Will never use playful pup again and will not recommend this place to no one who cares anything about there pet.

Angela Thetford says:
2012-08-01 09:36:01

We love The Playful Pup for daycare, boarding, grooming and training. The staff is great and our dog just loves it. He would prefer just to stay there vs coming home to us. They have always been very accomadating and we cant think of anyone else we would have take care of Indie

Shelley Mackey says:
2011-12-07 16:44:38

We have taken our dog, Boomer, to The Playful Pup and Pampered Pets of Southern Maryland for the past two years. We have had nothing but a great experience with all staff, and Boomer loves his daycare and boarding time there!!! We also worked with Christina, the on-site trainer, to help introduce our overly-excited dog to the idea of a baby. Since welcoming our daughter in September, Boomer has do... view full comment

Michelle says:
2011-12-06 09:14:29

My dog, Domino boarded with The Playful Pup in late October of this year. I was a new client and needed to board very quickly as i had a family emergency. The staff there was very helpful and knowledgeable. I knew it was short noticed but the staff helped immensely by calling my vet for Domino's records and all i had to do was fill out one form. Because of their hard work I was able to drop off D... view full comment

Ellas_Mom says:
2011-11-28 22:07:27

I have been using The Playful Pup since April of this year, I have used them for all of their services and agree with the rest of the comments that are NOT those of Meg:-) I am unsure where she is getting her pricing information or how she is doing her math but the rates are clearly stated not only on The Playful Pup website but also on the contract that I signed when we initially filled out our ... view full comment

Meg says:
2011-11-22 13:22:11

We think our dog was comfortable with the workers. She did "ok" there, but unlike our other kennel, she was not happy to go back. The space is very cramped and they don't have much outdoor time. PP's customer service and pricing is the flaw. On our THIRD visit, we noticed the bill was considerably higher. We asked why and the worker couldn't explain it. later the manager called us back. She ex... view full comment

Elena says:
2011-05-26 19:38:01

LOVE LOVE LOVE playful pup! My dog Achie is wonderful but a handful. I took a job in Waldorf and because of the commute I was gone 11 hours a day and couldn't bear having Archie stay at home alone all day. Retta and team have been incredible with Archie. I love bringing him to daycare becuase he gets lots of attention, socialization, and EXERCISE which is so important b/c he's a very active dog... view full comment

A. Leslie says:
2011-05-06 22:50:57

Clean, Fun and Professional! I never worry about my dog when he is at Playful Pup because I know that the staff is giving him all the love and care he needs when I cannot be there. It always makes me smile when we walk into the facility and my dog lets out a cry of joy to get in the back and play with all his friends - it makes leaving him that much easier.

Scott Jenkins says:
2011-04-25 21:31:39

The cut, care and customer service could not have been more loving and professional. The trainer even came out and spoke with us without hesitation. What a clean and comfortable place to care for your dog's every need!

Carla Hunter says:
2011-04-20 11:54:47

If you think of your furry friends as family (like I do), you'll love the Playful Pup! They get extra love and attention from the staff from the moment they check in, until they check out. Playing, training, exercising, grooming, and boarding has never been more fun for my dog. He knows when we're heading there and gets very excited. Plus, the in-house trainer and groomer are always available. Thi... view full comment

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