Barney's Ranch

Barney's Ranch

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Barney’s Ranch offers dog owners the best in dog day-care, cage-free dog boarding and complete dog spa services! We go beyond the traditional dog kennel!

Barney’s Ranch offers spacious and brightly colored suites to keep your pet comfortable while staying at the Ranch and our 8,000 sq/ft outdoor yard provides lots of space to run and play. We do not limit our daycare or boarding customers to a set amount of playtime per day but rather let you decide how much you want your dog to play. Whether you want your dog to run and have fun all day or just for a couple of hours, Barney’s Ranch is the place to go!

Our primary focus is to give you peace of mind and your dog a fun, safe place to play and make new friends!

Barney’s Ranch is the closes thing to a dog park you can find!

See you soon at the Ranch!

Business Hours

Mo - Fr 7am - 7pm
Sa & Su 9am - 4pm

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